The Different Pros And Cons To Printing Custom T Shirts

When a marketing team manager suggests printing customized t shirts, it can seem like a highly beneficial option. Everyone loves a t shirt, right? I mean, we wear them everyday – or at least the majority of people wear them on a daily basis; so, printing customized t shirts can be a good thing for the company that chooses to do the printing. However, this is not always the case. The fact of the matter is that printing custom t shirts can present with several cons along with its pros.

In addition to the various methods that can be used to print a personalized t shirt, and the pros and cons of that, the actual t shirt presents with specific benefits and drawbacks. Yes, can you believe it! A t shirt, a plain t shirt can have certain drawbacks if you choose to customize it. This article will provide information on the various pros and cons to printing custom t shirts.

What Is A Customized T Shirt?

A customized or personalized t shirt is a t shirt that has a personal image or logo placed on the clothing item. It is a means of expressing your creativity and designing your own t shirt using specific clothing design techniques. The tools used for custom t shirt design ranging from traditional offline silk screening methods to digital 3D printing techniques.

What Are The Benefits Of Customized T Shirts?

1. T Shirts Are Popular

When designing and creating a t shirt, you are designing an item that almost all people will wear at some point in their lives. When it comes to t shirts, a person will either like or dislike the design; however, not the garment and will wear the t shirt if needs be. You could hear people argue about disliking trousers and having a preference for sweaters over vests, but everyone will wear a t shirt.

2. An Easy Printing Procedure

While there are various techniques available to print custom t shirts, and each of these techniques require different items; in general, printing a t shirt is a relatively straightforward procedure. All you require for a customized t shirt printing process is the t shirt and the equipment for printing.

3. Use As Promotional Material

It is no wonder all companies or non-profit organizations print official t shirts with their customized logos as a design. This particular garment tends to outlast other printed items, and the wearer can take your logo or message to audiences you would not have access to in a normal situation. Moreover, t shirts are useful as gifts and giveaways as most people will wear them.

4. Allows For Expression Of Creativity

T shirts are one of the most versatile garments allowing a person to modify them in any way you can imagine. Not only is the garment great for prints, but it can be modified by adding material to the t shirt or cutting material away from the item. Expression of creativity is a large factor of customizing any t shirts.

What Are The Drawbacks To Custom T Shirts?

1. It Will Not Last Forever

While the t shirt lasts longer than printed promotional gear, it does not last forever. Unfortunately, the high quality printing techniques that ensured a long-lasting design will fade and your logo will become a brief whisper of a color.

2. It Does Not Reach Wide Audiences

A person wearing the customized t shirt as promotional material can reach wider audiences; however, customized t shirts are not like the internet as they cannot reach global audiences in seconds. It can be argued that you could upload images of the custom tee shirts onto the internet, and this could reach a wider online audience, but the success of this is slim without the intervention of paid advertising.

3. It Is Not Eco-Friendly

While certain companies are attempting to battle this issue, the clothing industry remains one of the least eco-friendly industries on the planet. If you choose to print personalized t shirts at home, there is no guarantee that the base t shirt you are using was manufactured in an environmentally friendly warehouse using environmentally friendly items.

4. It Is Difficult To Be Unique In A Crowd

Dependent on the person’s ultimate goal, it may be a problem for you to stand out amidst the millions of people in a crowd. Thanks to online printing services, all people are able to print t shirts and at a reasonable price as well. If you are attempting to convey a message or have people become aware of your brand, it will not be simple.

5. It Requires Planning And Organization

While t shirt is noted as a simple procedure, printing customized t shirts in bulk requires strong planning and organization. Garments will need to be ordered, suppliers must be contacted, and the t shirt design needs to be prepared.

Final Words

As can be seen, customized t shirts can be highly beneficial options, particularly as promotional alternatives. Of course, there are drawbacks that need to be considered to ensure this is the best option for your marketing needs.